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Garden Tools Needed For Planting Succulents


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Gardening tools are not limited to outdoor gardens, gardens and other places. The potted plants we grow indoors often require gardening tools. Especially like the recently popular fleshy plants, you need to use a series of gardening tools (tweezers, scissors, brushes, watering cans, cylindrical spades are all tools that need to be prepared in advance).

1. Tweezers: Tweezers can be said to be an artifact for the maintenance of succulents (elbow tweezers and straight tweezers can be used). For example, if the leaves at the bottom of the fleshy plant become shrivelled, wilted, or even die, flesh fans cannot directly break the leaves of the plant with their hands (irregular wounds, which can easily cause flesh and meat to be infected with black Rot), and the tweezers can come in handy at this time (sterilized tweezers will not cause infection when cleaning plant leaves). Of course, it can also be used to help plant smaller plants!
2. Scissors: Every year, when meat and meat fans change pots, change soil or plant new meat and meat, they need to use scissors to trim the roots of the plants that are sick, black, and too long. Cylindrical shovel: The role of the cylindrical shovel has three main points: 1. Loading and transferring soil. 2. Sowing of fleshy plant seeds. Watering cans: Whether spraying medicine or watering, watering cans are a must for meat fans.
3. Brushes: blush brushes or watercolor brushes for girls to make up. The latter is mainly used for fleshy varieties with thick leaves, while the former is suitable for most varieties (plant flesh with white powder attached to the flesh does not need to be Use a brush to clean up). The main function is to clean up the water droplets remaining on the leaves of the succulent plants (the water droplets remaining on the leaves of the plants will burn the leaves of the plants under the influence of light, so they must be cleaned in time).
In addition, magnifying glass (observing the state of plant seeds), air blowing (cleaning up residual water drops), and drip tube (used when the plant needs a small amount of water) are all garden tools that need to be prepared.